Regardless of my hearing disability, I still experience miracles. They’re not always life-changing; sometimes they do ease my life, but most times, they serve no purpose in regards to alleviating my difficulty except that I am simply left dumbfounded by the mercy of Allah.

Given that I am a sole lip reader and cannot comprehend a speaker whose back is facing me, a couple years back, I discovered that the only person I can understand without having to lip read is my mother. She is the only person I can “hear” regardless of where she is positioned. And subhanAllah, that is truly nothing short of a miracle considering that my hearing loss is nearly profound.

As a sixth sense, I tend to feel sound in place of hearing it. When I hear music playing, the rhythm of the beats in the song is more felt than heard. But the interesting fact is that I do not enjoy how it makes me feel, the vibration is often uncomfortable. Yet, when I listen to the Quran and feel the beats within the pronunciation of ayahs, it calms my disturbed soul and distressed mind more than any other sound I’ve ever heard or felt. And this is why I have never listened to music by choice and am beyond grateful that Allah has protected me from the evils and temptations of modern music with minor to no effort on my part, Alhamdulillah.

My point is, if I am disabled and can witness such moments where I am taken aback by the power of Allah, you all can as well. And they can proceed to change your life, too. You just have to clear your head and open your eyes once a while.

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